The European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure, EPTRI, is a new complementary Research Infrastructure (RI) in the context of the existing RIs intended to putting together and networking all the available competences and technologies useful to enhance paediatric research in paediatric medicines from drug discovery and early development phases to be translated into clinical phases and medicines uses.

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Basic research

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A motion graphic to find out more about ID-EPTRI project

A new motion graphic illustrating the general structure and goals of the EPTRI project has been published on their Youtube channel.
This material is intended to give support to the partners and supporters of the project during their presentations in conferences, meetings or workshops.
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Call for EPTRI Feasibility Study Proposals

The call is open until July 31, 2019.

We are glad to officially launch the call for application to EPTRI feasibility studies. The feasibility studies will be aimed to test the process, the scientific interest, the availability of requested services and facilities that could be needed to conduct paediatric research in the areas of competence of EPTRI.

The Advisory Board will verify if: 

  1. the proposal meets EPTRI mission and abilities; 
  2. the proposal is likely to be completed by the end of ID-EPTRI project;
  3. the scientific contents are valuable;
  4. the services and facilities within EPTRI are available to perform the work.

After a positive evaluation of the application by the AB, the coordinator will run, with the relevant platforms and research unit, a virtual study to assess in detail the capacity to perform the requested study.

The results will be finally assessed by the AB to report on the capacity of EPTRI to run the services assessed. 

All the partners are invited to submit a proposal. For any question, please send an email to

You can find here the link to the “EPTRI Feasibility Study Proposal” to be filled in all its components in details by the applicant following the instruction.